Environment & Eco Art
Ecological Art or “Eco Art” is a contemporary form of environmental art created by artists who are concerned about local and global environmental situations, and who take art making to a functional format. The field is growing rapidly with hundreds of artists working around the world. For this reason, there are multiple definitions of “Eco art.”

from www.greenmuseum.org :

“Much environmental art is ephemeral, designed for a particular place (site-specific) and involves collaborations between artists and others such as scientists, educators and community groups.

Some environmental art:

    * Interprets nature, creating artworks to inform people and raise awareness about nature and its processes, and/or about environmental problems we face
    * Is concerned with environmental forces and materials
    * Re-visions the human relationship to nature, proposing and inspiring new ways for people to co-exist with their local environments
    * Reclaims or restores damaged environments artistically”

From www.ecoartspace.org  :

“By breaking out of the traditional confines of what is considered art and engaging in real world issues - ecoartists are allowing their art to have a function. They are reaching out across disciplines and helping to bridge the gap between art and life by raising awareness and appreciation for our natural resources. By giving aesthetic form to restored natural areas and urban sites, they are engaging in a collaborative process with nature, practicing a socially relevant art. Ecoartists challenge perceptions using metaphor, poetry, symbols, images and narrative to translate ideas. They can see broad patterns that others may overlook. By implementing a participatory structure with the diverse people that make up communities, -politicians, urban planners, architects, scientists, educators and stakeholders- these artists are pointing the way towards a new paradigm of environmental consciousness and sensitivity.”

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